The word ODEON

I have never taken hard drugs in my life, but I created an obsession with being spiked and could not trust anyone.


When I was 16, a lot of my friends began taking hard drugs; cocaine, ecstasy, acid, but because of my bad experiences with weed (which I had smoked nearly every day for 2 years), I never joined in because of my paranoia and negative mindset, although the temptation was there. Continue reading

Resisting Medication

I spent the last 14 years of my life trying to cope with my anxieties and problems the natural way, but with the addition of medication for the last few months, my life has become much easier.


I have always been reluctant to take medication unless absolutely necessary as I prefer to try natural methods first to see if I can remedy the problem. Continue reading

The most beautiful reflection you will never want to leave


I would like to share a short piece that I wrote about my emotions and experiences of my time spent in New York City.

There is no shame in finding fear in this city,
As there is no emotion it has not revealed,

I have seen happy Mondays and miserable birthdays,
I have seen hope and the acceptance of failure,

For the only way to truly exist here is to expose yourself,
To make your heart beat as one,

Because to resist, makes you lose control,
More than if you give in to this complete insanity,

But I promise when you find that one moment,
That serene moment, when it’s just you and the city,

It is the most beautiful reflection you will never want to leave.